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Where can I find my BPM Address ?
Your BPM addresses are displayed in the address book area of Virtual Mailbox.
Please take note all BPM addresses are real physical street adresses.

My first order using BPM-Lux
  • Simply add your new BPM address when shopping online.
  • Don't forget to indicate your BPM number, as this is our main sorting criterion.
  • Mail or parcels with no BPM number may suffer delays in the sorting process.
When can I start to use your service and give my new address to friends, suppliers and partners?
After registration, you will be asked to provide documents which prove your identity.
After that, your account will be activated.
You will have access to all BPM Street addresses in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Italy, Spain, UK, Canada and USA, that you can provide for your merchants, suppliers and friends.

Forward: How to forward
  • Select the mail location you want to ship from (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, or Germany including thos items arrived in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg)
  • Select items (one, or all you want to combine in 1 shipment).
  • Click Forward
  • Step One:  Fill out content description and value for each item. Parcels always require a content and value description for customs purposes and/or security reasons.
  • Step Two: Select shipping address from your address book or create a new shipping address which you can save for the future.
  • Step Three: Estimated forwarding costs will show up. Select your preferred carrier.
    • Confirm whether you want to take additional insurance for items with a value higher than 500 €.-
    • Confirm whether you want us to repack in order to reduce the volume of parcels and save on shipping charges.
  • Step Four: Overview & confirm the given information.
  • Do you want to make changes? You can make changes by clicking on steps 1, 2, 3 and give us comments if necessary.
  • Forward Now: By clicking on Forward Now you confirm the forwarding order.
  • Payment: The amount previously confirmed will be deducted via the payment type you saved with us before shipping (via credit card, PayPal).
  • Transit: Items will move from the inbox to the transit area and receive a shipping order number. The transit area will show the shipments created. (If you have more than one item per shipment, you can see individual items by clicking on the + sign or under Message Details.)
  • The tracking number: will be shown later in the transit area after the shipment processing is finished. The status will remain Prepared, waiting for the carrier to pick up.
  • Status Shipped: will be shown as soon as the carrier has picked up the item at our warehouse.
  • Complete: Shipment will remain in the transit area until the customer changes the status himself from transit into complete.
Receiving mail and parcels at BPM-Lux
Postal Mail: You may prefer to inform your local post office about a change of address.
In that case, visit Redirecting your Postal Mail to BPM-Lux or inform your suppliers and friends of your new BPM address in each country.

Postal Packages: Please include your new BPM address along with your order, as parcels are not redirected automatically.
Express and private parcel operators: Parcels and documents arriving with these carriers must show the complete BPM address and BPM number in order to be delivered at one of the BPM Addresses.
Redirecting your postal mail to BPM-Lux
To redirect your private or corporate postal mail to BPM-Lux, you can proceed as follows:

You can give your new BPM address and Nr to friends, suppliers, and shops, or you ask your local Post office in your country of residence, to redirect the incoming mail to the BPM address in your country. ( Attention the redirection service of Postal organizations only covers letters, magazines, and documents. No parcels will be redirected ).

For parcels please give your suppliers, and sops your new BPM streetaddress in the country you want to receive the orders.

In the USA:
Visit your local US post office and fill in USPS form 3575.
How can I log in to my account?
All customers can manage their incoming mail and parcel online by means of login and password via the Virtual Mailbox. Your login is your BPM number or email address, plus the secret password chosen during registration.

Please contact info[at]bpm-lux.com if you have any question.
Reception Notification
All customers will be notified of the letters and parcels received on a daily basis:

  • via email once a day-
  • Via Virtual Mailbox. Customers can access their Virtual Mailbox with their login and password.