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Personal Shopper in Europe
BPM Buys for you in Europe

Your preferred shop in Europe does not deliver to your country or does not accept your credit card, or preferred payment method, then BPM will buy for you.

Assisted purchase in Europe.
A) Which product do you want ?
Just send us

  1. The link of the goods you want to buy,
  2. Quantity,
  3. Exact colour, 
  4. Size and description,
  5. Sellers reference code,
  6. Value
  7. Country you want BPM to ship the goods after reception, 
via our contact form showing also your BPM Nr..
B) Payment of the personal shopper service
Send the Bank Transfer covering following values:
  1. Value of the goods on the link multiplied by the quantity you want to order.
  2. Add a minimum of € 10 per online shop order or 5 % of the value of the total order.
  3. Transfer the amount to our Bank Account in Germany, covering all the transaction fees on your side.
  4. Iban  DE29 5854 0035 0690 9667 00 | EUR  BIC:  COBADEFFXXX
  5. Send us a PDF of the bank transaction showing all details. info (at ) bpm-lux.com.

C) Order Placement by BPM
Once the amount has been received by our Bank, the order will be placed.

BPM is authorized to select the best suitable BPM reception address for this order.

BPM offers reception addresses in 9 countries, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, UK, Canada, USA, Belgium and Luxembourg.
D) Arrival and notification
Once the order arrives at BPM, you will get the traditional notification, and see the order in your Virtual Mailbox.
E) Forwarding to you
Ship your order as you usually request forwarding in your BPM Virtual Mailbox.
Conditions for the Personal Shopper Service
BPM Personal Shopper Fee:
€ 10 minimum (per online shop and order) or 5 % of the value of the goods.

You order goods at one online shop amounting € 100
5 % = € 5 Minimum applies > € 10.-
Total to be transferred € 110 + Bank transaction fees if any.

You order goods at one online shop amounting € 300
5 % = € 15.-
Total to be transferred € 315 + Bank transaction fees if any.

Method of Payment of Fee and Value of the goods:
Via Bank Transfer only.  Sorry no Credit Card or PayPal payments will be accepted for de value of the goods.
Any additional cost added by the shop for the order and shown on the invoice of the online shop will be charged to the customer together with the shipping charges + 5 % before shipping.
Should any transaction fee be deduced from the value transferred, the cost will be added to your shipping charges.

Ebay and other marketplaces:
We will buy only immediate purchase transactions. BPM will not participate in any bidding or auction.

BPM will only offer and process assisted shopping to BPM registered customers.
Please register here, if you need our assistance.

Changes: No changes will be accepted once the order has been placed by BPM. Please only provide clear links and instructions together with your order.
Returns and Refunds related to the Personal Shopper or Assisted Shopping service:
Once the order has been placed by the BPM Personal Shopper service, the order cannot be cancelled. Once the order is received, return orders will not be accepted. (This applies only to personal shopper services).
Please take note that amounts received for fees related to the Personal shopper service are not refundable.

BPM-Lux.com reserves the right to deny the processing of the order. In that case the value received will be refunded to the original bank account deducting the fees received as well as any other transaction fee involved.
If BPM-Lux.com does not ship to the desired country, the transaction will be denied.

BPM-Lux.com shall not be responsible and cannot be held liable, if the seller delivers the wrong product, runs out of stock, quality, denies the quantity requested or limits the quantity per order,  guarantees, or if the goods cannot be shipped to the country of destination when requested to BPM-Lux.com. Discrepancies related to the goods ordered if any, need to be sorted out and solved between the final buyer and the seller.

BPM buys on behalf of the customer and does not accept any product liability or warranty.

Restricted Articles:
BPM-Lux.com will deny all orders of products on the prohibited articles list, available on the FAQ’s.

BPM-lux.com will order the goods and ship to a BPM reception address only.
Sorry we cannot order the goods and ship directly to your home address.

BPM offers reception addresses in 10 countries, Germany, France, Italy, Australia,, Spain, UK, Canada, USA, Belgium and Luxembourg.

VAT / Sales Tax: since it is an intra-European delivery the value-added tax of the product cannot be deducted, and must be taxed and paid in the EU, wherever the seller and the BPM reception address is located.

Non-European Resident?: Visit also our TAX Free explanation.
Duty Free online Shopping

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Assisted purchase. BPM shop’s on your behalf. Personal shopping, Buy for me, Assisted shopping.
Buy for third parties. Buying agent.

TAX Free Shopping for non-European Residents.
Duty Free online shopping in Europe.

All Personal Shopper conditions apply +

BPM-Lux.com will buy for you including German VAT, after reception of your Bank Transfer for the full amount.
BPM-Lux.com will export the goods to you TAX Free.
The 19 % VAT will be shown as a positive Balance in your BPM account for future use. (E.g. BPM Membership fee, Handlings, and other BPM services.)

The seller must provide a Sales Tax invoice to BPM. The VAT of goods sold by Private sellers, not showing the sales tax, can not be refunded.

When you order goods directly at online shops in Germany for a value of € 360,61 (you are paying and losing the chance to recover the German sales Tax of € 60,61.-instead of paying a Net Value of € 300.-)

  • Ordering via BPM-Lux.com, you can save € 60,61 and use this amount to pay the shipping charges to your country..

How it Works:
1)    Make sure the seller is located or sells with German VAT.

2)    Send us an e-mail with the link of the goods you want to buy, quantity, sellers ref code, Value, Country you want to ship the goods after reception, with a PDF showing the bank transfer explained below.

3)    You would transfer by bank to BPM-Lux.com following amount:
  • € 360,61 + minimum of € 10 per online shop order or 5 % of the value of the total order. ( € 18,03 ) = € 378,64
BPM will order the desired item, process sales tax refund and allocate the sales Tax € 60,61 in your BPM account, which you can use to finance the forwarding of this item, and / or future handlings or monthly membership, after deducting eventual bank or seller shipping fees
4)    Send us a bank transfer to following bank account:
Iban  DE29 5854 0035 0690 9667 00 | EUR  BIC:  OBADEFFXXX Showing your BPM Nr

5)    BPM will order the required Item after reception of your bank-transfer.