Letter solutions:
for people on the move.

You’re often abroad on business? You frequently moving ? You want to change your address but don’t want to lose track of your mail at any time? BPM has the solution – with innovative options such as the storage and scanning of your letters.

Your advantages:

  • Innovative solutions for all aspects of your postal activities: for just €5 per month with the BPM basic accoun.
  • Ideal for frequent travelers: whether business or private.
  • 10 BPM reception addresses in Germany, France, UK,  Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Canada and USA.
  • Letter and parcel storage at BPM, 30 days free of charge.
  • Scanning of letters
  • Management & services in your Virtual Mailbox
  • Notification of incoming letters via email and Virtual Mailbox.
  • Forwarding of letters to your home,office, or pick up at one of the 28.000 + ParcelShops in Europe.
  • Shredding: the destruction of letters
  • 100% secure due to SSL encryption

Reception in 10 countries

Letter Solutions

Fast access to your mail –
tailored to your exact needs.

Opt for innovative solutions covering all aspects of your postal activities and use our numerous international reception addresses to scan, view store, discard, and manage your letters whenever it suits you:

  1. Easy online registration
  2. Real street adddresses in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK,  Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada and USA, just use them all at your convenience.
  3. Receive notification of incoming letters and parcels via email and Virtual Mailbox.
  4. Get PDF scans of your entire mail or just specific letters with scan on demand – you decide
  5. The PDF is quickly made accessible to you.
  6. Simple to save, archive, print or forward.
  7. Destruction of selected letters (shredding)

Read your letters without even touching them: with Scan on Demand.

Get selected letters scanned! With the BPM basic account and just 4 credits per A4 page.

Want to read them all ? : Autoscan.

With the Autoscan option, all your incoming letters and documents are scanned automatically – for just €20 per month plus 2 credits per incoming envelope up to 20 pages.!


Need to store the hard copy after scanning ?


We’ve got so much in store for you:
with Autoscan & Storage.

  • Get all your letters automatically scanned and stored for just €25.30 per month. That’s the equivalent of storing 2000 pages per month!
  • Store your incoming documents with BPM for short or Long term.

100% service, at Zero effort:
the automatic forwarding of
letters, documents and magazines.

  • Get your letters, documents and magazines automatically forwarded on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • If you decide not to select this option, you can still request forwarding on demand.
  • Request forwarding to your home, or office, or pick up at one of the 28.000 + ParcelShops in Europe.

All your deliveries at your command:
with the Virtual Mailbox.

Manage the shipment of one or more orders in your personal Virtual Mailbox and benefit from an extensive range of tools & services! Including options for scanning, downloading, printing, archiving, forwarding and destroying (shredding) your letters.

Click on the safe side:
with shredding.

If you wish, your scanned letters and documents can be destroyed –
it just takes a simple click and the shredding process does the rest.