BPM: E-logistics and Supply Chain

Looking for fulfilment outsourcing, optimize your supply chain or provide cross-border delivery and returns, selling online direct or via Marketplaces, BPM-Lux.om is your partner across Europe, Australia, USA and Canada.

Your advantages                                      

  • Access to new international markets.
  • Easy Cross-border Retail
  • Comply with Marketplace International Return Policy at Amazon, Rakuten etc,
  • European Geoblocking rules compliant.
  • Domestic Return Addresses
  • Return Labels on demand across Europe
  • Store returns from 8 countries in one European Warehouse
  • Source products worldwide
  • Order at suppliers which do not export.
  • Manage orders, stock and shipments online
  • Flexible Storage capacities, in 10 countries
  • Cross docking in Europe
  • Delivery in Europe and Worldwide
  • First Mile Solutions for E-sellers and industry
  • Last Mile Solutions for E-sellers and industry

Local Reception Addresses
and Storage in 10 countries

Receive returns delivered by all carriers + short or long term storage.

Store & Deliver to Europe
from one European Warehouse

Source products Worldwide

Source products and spare parts worldwide and order local at suppliers which do not export to your country of residence, retail or production. Receive and Store orders from 8 European countries in one warehouse. Ship consolidated to worldwide destinations via Postal Services, Integrators, Air or Sea freight, in one Box, Crate or Container packed  by BPM-Lux.com.

  • Reception, control, Long or short term storage
  • Pick & Pack, Packed or repacked
  • Cross Dock reception and shipping
  • Labelled or not.Labelled
  • Ship to Home, Parcelshop, or Parcellocker.
  • Door to Door shipping incl. pick up, transport, delievery.


Manage stock, reception, returns
or forwardings online.

Monitoring returns online, allows you to be compliant with Amazon and other Marketplace International Return Policies, without fix costs in foreign markets and countries.

  • Sell cross-border with local presence via BPM
  • Faster refunds for your customers, less fix costs for you.
  • Higher performance and better feedback.
  • Save time, money and energy in communications.
  • Store 8 countries in one Warehouse.


All carriers deliver to BPM

Delivery to your own local physical address provided on your own return labels.
Easy returns, easy administration = more trust and positive feedback.

Customers can ship their returns with their preferred carrier, within their country of residence.
You as an online shop, provide pre-paid return Labels generated by BPM on demand.

The 10 Domestic reception addresses covering returns in more than 13 countries:

  • Germany covering also Austria, and Switzerland
  • UK covering also Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Australia
  • Belgium covering also Netherlands
  • France
  • USA
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Canada



LOCAL RETURN-ADDRESS = More trust and positive feedback from your customers.

  • BPM local – domestic return addresses and warehousing.
  • Be compliant with international marketplace rules, gaining new  cross-border markets.
  • All orders arriving in Germany, France, and Benelux (via Belgium and Luxembourg) are automatically transferred and stored in the BPM central warehouse.
  • Ship consolidations to your preferred address in a single shipment.
  • Items arrived in UK, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada and USA will stay in storage waiting for your shipping order.
  • Forward directly to your office or ship consolidated with  BPM on Friday from USA, UK, Australia,  Italy, and Spain, via our head office in Germany at reduced rates.

Reduce cost, optimize process and gain customers trust.