Under lock and key:
your private BPM Virtual Mailbox.

Apart from the BPM Parcel Solutions, customers around the World also benefit from an additional exclusive service – the BPM Virtual Mailbox. This private PO box in the cloud, is at your disposal in 10 countries, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, UK, Australia, Canada and USA, offering you a range of intelligent services.

Your advantages:

  • BPM Virtual Mailbox in 10 countries for just €5 per month.
  • Receive and read mail around the clock.
  • Notification via email of new arrivals, or checking the BPM Interface.
  • Mail presorting.
  • Scanning, storing and shredding of letters
  • Receive goods in 10 countries from the Postcard to the pallet.
  • 100 % secure

Your key to more
independence and service.

Benefit from having your personal BPM Virtual Mailbox:

  1. Book the use of 10 Virtual Addresses for just €5 per month
  2. You can then receive mail from around the world via our international addresses
  3. Pick up your documents from your preferred Parcelshop in Europe or request home delivery to worldwide destinations.
  4. Store your mail or merchandise for short or long Term in our Warehouses.
  5. Activate services on demand as you need them.
  6. Reduce the cost of handlings buying credits in advance and saving up to 15 % or more.

Total support –
everyone delivers to the BPM Mailbox.

Receive parcels and letters from all postal, express and parcel operators via your BPM real street addresses in 10 countries.

A neutral customer centric dedicated service, receiving all kind of goods for you in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Italy, Spain, UK, Canada and USA.

We keep everything in mind –
especially you.

As soon as a new shipment arrives in your BPM Mailbox, you’re notified via email or
online via the BPM interface – whichever you prefer.

Even more advantages –
the additional services.

Benefit from the additional services that come with your BPM Virtual Mailbox:

  • If you book multiple BPM Vitual Mailboxes for your staff, we can sort your documents into different departments/companies/etc.
  • Your letters can be scanned or destroyed (shredded) as you wish.
  • Need long term or sporadic short term storage ? Store your goods with us, our warehouse space is flexibel and adapts to your needs.