Worldwide shopping:
You shop – we ship.

Whether you want cutting-edge laptops from the USA, shoes from France or the hottest new video games from the UK – with BPM’s innovative mail delivery solutions, online shopping around the world couldn’t be any easier! As a BPM customer, you can order from companies worldwide that don’t deliver abroad!

Your advantages:

  • Easy online registration.
  • Just €5 per month or  55 per year ( 8,33 % saving ) with the BPM basic account.
  • Order from companies that don’t deliver to your country of residence.
  • 10 BPM reception addresses in 10 Countries,  included in one Membership.
  • Forwarding of letters and parcels to your preferred address,
  • Pick up at morethan 28.000 ParcelShops. Select the nearest to you in Euorpe.
  • Virtual Mailbox and email notification.
  • Optimized delivery with the Shipping Calculator helps to reduce costs and protect the environment – find out more here!
  • Manage your shipments online
  • Professional expertise with strong partners such as DHL, UPS, etc.

Mail and Parcel Forwardin in 10 Countries

Parcel & Letter Solutions

All your deliveries at your command:
with the Virtual Mailbox.

Use your personal Virtual Mailbox to manage the delivery of single or multiple orders and benefit from an extensive range of tools and services in 10 countries.

10 addresses – 1 major advantage.

Receive shipments from all over the world and order from companies that don’t deliver abroad! Simply name one of the 10 BPM reception addresses and state your BPM number.

The 10 BPM Mail & Forwarding reception addresses:

  • Germany
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • France
  • USA
  • Canada


No more endless waiting for deliveries.

After registering, get access to your new 10 reception addresses in 10 countries, and you’re ready to begin shopping to your heart’s content!

  • All shipments that arrive in Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium are automatically transferred overnight to the BPM central warehouse.
  • Means that orders from 4 countries are stored in one warehouse. One shipping order combines the items of 4 countries, saving forwarding costs.
  • Items arrived in Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain and USA will wait there for your instructions.
  • Forward directly to your home or ship with BPM on Friday from USA, UK, Australia, Italy, and Spain, via our headoffice in Germany at reduced rates.
  1. Easy online registration
  2. Order online and select one of the 10 BPM reception addresses
  3. Enter your personal BPM number
  4. After reception, Store, or Ship to worldwide destinations.
  5. Define the delivery address via your BPM Virtual Mailbox
  6. Select your preferred parcel operator with the Shipping Calculator. Done!

Benefit from getting everything at once:
with repacking.

If you’ve placed several orders, you can have the shipments stored free of charge for up to 30 days! Once your orders have arrived, you simply instruct BPM to make the delivery to your preferred address. BPM then groups your orders together into a single package, saving you shipping costs and protecting the environment.

Home delivery, or pickup at one of the more than 28.000 Parcelshops in Europe.

No effort required:
the automatic forwarding of your mail.

You decide if your shipments should be forwarded on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In the case of parcels, you also need to provide a goods declaration* which can easily be done via your BPM account ( The Virtual Mailbox ).

* Declaration of a shipment’s content and value. BPM is subject to international security regulations which means that a declaration of content is required before a parcel can be automatically forwarded.

Cool and calculating –
with the Shipping Calculator.

If you want to forward your shipments, use the intelligent BPM Shipping Calculator to find the right parcel operator and the best value shipping option.
Sounds interesting? Then test the BPM Shipping Calculator for yourself here!

We keep everything in mind –
especially you.

As soon as your shipments arrive at your chosen BPM reception address, we notify you via email. You always can manage your icoming mail and parcels online with your Virtual Mailbox.

Automatic transfer to the central Warehouse.

All shipments that arrive in Germany, France, Belgium, or Luxembourg are transferred automatically overnight to the BPM central Warehouse in the region. You can then have your shipments repacked taking advantage of a further BPM service option.

Additional Services