Receive your online shopping
with the BPM Parcel Solutions.

BPM customers benefit from a special service – the BPM Parcel Solutions. This enables you to receive shipments from all postal, express and parcel operators with one single delivery or pick up.

Your advantages:

  • 28.000 + ParcelShops near home or work available throughout Europe.
  • Neutral reception of all carriers in your name in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, UK, Australia, Canada and USA.
  • Notification of incoming parcels via Email or Virtaul Mailbox.
  • Hold function for when you’re not at home for longer period, travelling for business or pleaseure.
  • No long waiting for all delivery cariers during the week.
  • Not making the tour de France on saturdays to pick up all your parcels from all the different carriers.
  • 100 % secure.
  • Home delivery of several orders to your home or your preferred ParcelShop across Europe.

Reception in 10 Countries

Parcel & Oversize Solutions

BPM Parcel Solutions:
the ultimate convenience.

You’ve ordered items from around the world. Now simply pick them up from one of the numerous ParcelShops in Europe.

  1. Register online and define your preferred BPM Parcel Solution.
  2. Order online using one, or all of your 10 reception addresses around the world.
  3. Await notification of incoming shipments via email or in your Virtual Mailbox.
  4. Collect from one of the 28.000 + ParcelShops in Europe or
  5. Relax waiting for the requested Home delivery in Europe or Worldwide. Not at home ? Do not worry, your parcel will be waiting in a ParcelShop nearby. You will receive an email with the address to pick up.


Total support:
everyone loves the BPM Parcel Solution

  • Receive shipments from all the postal, express and parcel operators via one of the ParcelShop Pick up solutions in Europe. Plus you can also receive deliveries from around the world via our 10 Addresses in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Italy, Spain the UK, Canada and USA.
  • Or request a home delivery.
  • We manage the reception from the Postcard to the Pallet.

All over Europe:
select your preferd BPM Parcel Solution.

When registering, you select your preferrred Delivery Solution.

Storage, forwarding, home delivery or to a ParcelShop. Naturally you can always change your preferences later on, depending on your needs!

Delivering the world –
to a BPM Parcel Solution in Europe.

Receive shipments from all over the world and order from companies that don’t usually deliver abroad!

Simply select the BPM Address needed and then pick up your orders from your chosen ParcelShop in Europe or request home delivery.

Shipments that arrive in Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg are automatically transferred to the central warehouse. If you get orders from different countries these will arrive consolidated to your home or preferred ParcelShop. Shipments that arrive in the UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, Canada or USA are forwarded on request to your preferred BPM reception address, home, or ParcelShop.

This covers all your mail and parcel receptions, from the Postcard to the pallet.

While you collect air miles,
we collect your mail and parcels:
the hold function.

If you’re travelling for business or pleasure, no need to involve family, friend, or strangers, just click on the Hold button, and your shipments are temporarily stored in a secure warehouse waiting for your return.

Then request delivery to your home, or your preferred ParcelShop in Europe.