How much does BPM cost?

Our pricing structure is easy!
5€ per month plus On Demand services.

Monthly payment Annual payment
5.00 € 55.00 €
Letters & magazines Parcels up to 20 Kg Parcels 20-30 Kg
Reception in all BPM Countries
30 days storage free included
0.50 Credits

5.00 Credits

5.00 Credits

to a parcel shop in Luxemburg
3.00 Credits
cumulated up to 20 kg
3.00 Credits
to a parcel shop in EU countries (Except Luxemburg)
see Shipping calculator

see Shipping calculator

Home delivery
in Luxemburg
see Shipping calculator cumulated up to 2 Kg
7,00 €

7,00 €

Home delivery
EU and worldwide
see Shipping calculator
cumulated up to 2Kg
see Shipping calculator

see Shipping calculator

Credits, prices and payment methods

What is a credit?

Credits are BPM's currency. One credit costs one Euro. Credits can be purchased in advance, so you can save up to 15%!

Are there any added shipping costs?

  1. When you receive goods at a BPM Address and forward to EU or Worldwide destinations.
  2. Or when you receive parcels in the EU and you request these to be delivered at Home or at one of the more than
    22.000 parcels shops in Europe.

We partner with recognized carriers for shipping your parcels. In our shipping-calculator you can check the different rates.

How can I pay?

Accepted Payment Methods:

MasterCard VISA American Express Maestro PayPal Payments powered by WorldPay

How can I save?

Students pay 50% less on membership and 10% less
on Handlings.

Your employer is a Sympass Member? Ask about your BPM advantages!

What about oversized shipments?

Bigger Items can be forwarded on demand, or picked-up in Bettembourg, Luxembourg.

XXL Parcels< 300 cm Girth (< 31kg)
Pallets100 x 120 x 80 cm
Reception in all BPM Countries 16.00 Credits 10.00 Credits

Arrivals in De, Fr, Be, Lu -including 30 days storage free in central warehouse. -Including Pickup in Luxembourg within 7 days. -EU or Worldwide delivery check shipping calculator.
0.00 Credits 35.00 Credits

Which other
On Demand services do you offer?

BPM Parcel Solution services

Service Description Price
Delivery to the Parcelshop Fees charged in following circumstances:
Exampel for Luxembourg, check other countries under Shipping Calculator or Parcel Solutions Services
1. Daily Delivery to a Parelshop after arrival.
2. After Restock
3. After Hold has been deactivated and delivery of items is requested.
4. Delivery of letters, magazines and registered letters to a parcelshop.
3.00 Credits
Restock item from the Parcelshop Deliveries can be left for seven days free of charge at a Parcelshop. If they have not been collected after this point, they will be taken back to the sorting center generating a handling charge. 5.00 Credits

Storage services

Service Description Price
Discard on Demand free of charge Discard your selection of letters, catalogs, or publicity, free of charge via Virtual Mailbox, before the next forwarding. Storage fees apply after 30 days in your inbox if not discarded or forwarded. 0.00 Credits
Destruction on request Destruction of letters, magazines and documents on request. 0.00 Credits
Parcel locker fees If you use the BPM mailbox and receive M or L parcels, we’ll provide you with a larger parcel locker free of charge for seven days. From the eighth day onwards, we’ll charge a storage fee per day for each locker. 1.00 Credits
Storage after restock Following collection from a Parcelshop to central warehouse. ( 7 days storage free in a parcelshop ). 0.55 Credits
Storage after reception We provide all forwarding customers 30 days of storage free of charge. Storage charges apply after the free period per item and day. 0.35 Credits
Pick up after restock If your items have not been collected at the requested Parcelshop after 7 days they will be taken back to the sorting center. 3.00 Credits
Hold activation for customers in Europe To avoid restock fees, you can opt to have your deliveries stored at BPM, for up to 30 days free of charge. We charge the following fee for activating this service. 5.00 Credits
Storage following the Hold period Fees charged for items still being stored after 30 days. Per day and Item. 0.35 Credits
Storage of oversized items following the Hold period Fees charged for oversized items still being stored after 30 days. Per day and item. 0.55 Credits
Storage of oversized items First 30 days free. After 30 days’ storage at any BPM location, per item and day. (Excepting parcelshops). 0.55 Credits

Letter services

Service Monthly payment Annual payment
Auto Scan 20.00 € 220.00 €
Auto Scan plus Storage 25.30 € 276.00 €
Service Description Price
Scan on demand in Europe Scanning of letters in Europe on request and per page. 4.00 Credits
Auto Scan in Europe Scanning of letters when the “Autoscan” base fee has been selected. Charged per document/envelope up to max. 20 pages. 2.00 Credits
Autoscan of additional pages For scanning pages 21 and onwards of a letter when the “Autoscan” base fee has been selected. 0.30 Credits
Scan on Demand in US Scan on demand in US. Minimum charge 3 sheets. Fee per sheet. 4.00 Credits
Send Letters on demand Upload your document, BPM will print and send letters within Europe, from Germany, or Luxembourg; excludes postage/delivery costs. 3.00 Credits

Any questions?

We call you back. Please send your question and phone number or email via our contact form.: pricing_contactformlink