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Forwarding Instructions
  • Select the mail location you want to ship from (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, or Germany including thos items arrived in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg)
  • Select items (one, or all you want to combine in 1 shipment).
  • Click Forward
  • Step One:  Fill out content description and value for each item. Parcels always require a content and value description for customs purposes and/or security reasons.
  • Step Two: Select shipping address from your address book or create a new shipping address which you can save for the future.
  • Step Three: Estimated forwarding costs will show up. Select your preferred carrier.
    • Confirm whether you want to take additional insurance for items with a value higher than 500 €.-
    • Confirm whether you want us to repack in order to reduce the volume of parcels and save on shipping charges.
  • Step Four: Overview & confirm the given information.
  • Do you want to make changes? You can make changes by clicking on steps 1, 2, 3 and give us comments if necessary.
  • Forward Now: By clicking on Forward Now you confirm the forwarding order.
  • Payment: The amount previously confirmed will be deducted via the payment type you saved with us before shipping (via credit card, PayPal).
  • Transit: Items will move from the inbox to the transit area and receive a shipping order number. The transit area will show the shipments created. (If you have more than one item per shipment, you can see individual items by clicking on the + sign or under Message Details.)
  • The tracking number: will be shown later in the transit area after the shipment processing is finished. The status will remain Prepared, waiting for the carrier to pick up.
  • Status Shipped: will be shown as soon as the carrier has picked up the item at our warehouse.
  • Complete: Shipment will remain in the transit area until the customer changes the status himself from transit into complete.