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BPM-Lux.com Review Policy
BPM-Lux.com has been providing solutions for cross-border shopping since 2005. Since then, BPM-Lux.com has been serving more than 26,000 members
With reception and storage facilities in 11 countries, BPM-Lux offers worldwide shipping services to both business and private members
The fact that most BPM-Lux members place recurring orders, resulting in multiple transactions per year and over 300,000 shipments since 2005, underscores the trust placed in the company's services.

Due to the nature of recurring transactions, BPM-Lux has a company policy of not reaching out to members with review invitations to avoid any spamming. 
Since 2005, only about 40 members have voluntarily provided reviews, with 16 of them being positive.
This aligns with the common observation that dissatisfied customers are more likely to write negative reviews compared to satisfied customers, who tend to post positive reviews less frequently. Unfortunately, negative reviews often stem from misunderstandings about the services and pricing offered.
Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or feedback through our contact page 
We assure you of prompt and efficient responses to all messages received and look forward to assisting you with your specific needs.