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All 10 BPM reception addresses are operating normally.
As long as your supplier, online seller and their carrier deliver to BPM, BPM will continue accepting
from the Postcard to the Pallet, notify you within 24 hrs, store and ship for you.

We have not received any communication of couriers or parcel delivery companies
stating that they will stop delivering goods.

•    Countries implementing border controls do not stop the transport of goods.
•    Parcel shops may be closed in some countries.
  • Automatic delivery to Parcel Shops is suspended till further notice.
  • Goods will be placed in Storage waiting for your shipping order.
•    Home deliveries are being performed.

Remember: BPM offers also Storage Solutions

1)           BPM will receive from the postcard to the pallet and store free of charge for 30 days.
2)           As from day 31 you can still store at a storage rate of 0,350 BPM Credits per day,
3)           Or extend storage to 60 days, selecting long term storage
              at a fee of 5 BPM Credits per item for the following 30 days.
4)           As from day 61 you can store as long as you need
               at a storage rate of 0,180 BPM Credits per item and day.