New European rules for online shopping

Since June 13, 2014, the European Commission implemented new rules concerning online shopping. The same goes for classic retail.
There is an important change : customers can still return their purchases within 14 days, but retailers can now make the customer pay for the shipping costs incurred.

Tango & BPM – The distribution of the future, today !

The e-commerce market is faced with a known reality : most online shoppers are not at home during the day to receive their parcel.
It goes without saying that every shipment which fails to be delivered to its recipient generates further costs for the retailer and carrier, without forgetting to mention the negative effect on our environment with a rise in CO2 emissions and the growing frustration felt by the clients.

Good Idea Pro case study: More sales thanks to innovative logistics.

The logistics expert Robert G. Thiemann has known the luxembourgish market for many years and is the owner of BPM-Lux, a service of RT-Log SA. Following his opinion, client expectations and the progress of technological innovations are the main reasons that challenge retailers to also handle logistics with more innovation.

BPM-Lux offers its support to the Chrëschte mam Sahel - Chrétiens pour le Sahel foundation

Recently, during a friendly reception, Mr Robert Thiemann, managing director of BPM-Lux, handed over a check worth 2200€ to the Chrëschte mam Sahel – Chrétiens pour le Sahel foundation. The donation was gathered during a Christmas-card campaign organized by the company. The president of the...

In the e-commerce world, trust is everything

Even though e-commerce is growing at a dazzling rate, the main concern for every potential buyer is trust.

Free handlings and transfers? Not really, even though it feels like it with your Cactus Card:

So you live in Luxembourg and own a Cactus card?Chances are that you do, and that your points collection is increasing steadily.Are you looking for ideas to trade in your loyalty points ?Here's one:You can redeem Cactus points for BPM Recharges at any Cactus cash register in Luxembourg.Just look...

BPM whenever, wherever, with our new mobile app!

What could possibly feel better than enjoying the freedom of travelling anywhere you want, yet feeling right at home at all times? With our innovative services for managing mail and parcels we at BPM help people come closer to this dream by the day. The thing is, modern handsets and...