1. Select the services you want to activate

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Starting at only 5 €/month, you get mail & parcel forwarding including the following services:

  • 10 Reception addresses in 10 countries, (Germany, France, Italy. Spain, Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Canada and USA)
  • Email Notifications.
  • The Virtual Mailbox for managing everything online.
  • Discard junk mail, catalogs, letters, online free of charge.
  • BPM Parcel Solutions with acces to more than 28.000 parcelshops in Europe, BPM wil receive from the Letter to the Pallet, all shipment sizes, from all carriers for you, .

Letter Solutions: Auto Scan - Virtual Mailbox - Storage

2. As-you-go fees and BPM Credits

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BPM Credits

At BPM, in addition to the moderate basic fee, you only have to pay for handlings when you actually use them.
We call these the "handling fees" and you pay them with BPM credits.

Some sample prices for as-you-go fees:

Handling arrival at BPM 0.50 Credits
Handling arrival at BPM (44 x 15 x 61 cm) 5.00 Credits
Scanning of letters in Europe on request and per page. 4.00 Credits

Define for yourself the value of your handlings.
Reduce the cost of your handlings by up to 15 %

The more Credits in Advance you buy, the cheaper they get!
They do not expire! and are covered by the buyer protection plan
of your credit card or PayPal.
(See Faq)

If you don't want to buy credits now, don`t worry... you will always have the chance to buy credits after registration.

Start with as many credits as you want:

Credits Price (EUR)
0.00 € (Pay as you go 1€ /credit)
5.00 € (1.00 € /Credit)
50.00 € (0.97 € /Credit)
100.00 € (0.96 € /Credit)
200.00 € (0.95 € /Credit)
400.00 € (0.94 € /Credit)
800.00 € (0.93 € /Credit)
1,000.00 € (0.91 € /Credit)
1,600.00 € (0.87 € /Credit)
  • 1) Minimum contract term: 3 Months. Germany reduced the VAT from 19% to 16% between July 01, 2020 and December 31, 2020, due to the Corona Pandemic, reducing the final price for a limited time.
  • 2) You are between 18 and 30 years old and in possession of an annual student certificate.