Quality Award 2009

by the "Mouvement Luxembourgeois de la Qualité (MLQ)"

On November 20th 2009, organized by the "Mouvement Luxembourgeois de la Qualité (MLQ)"
BPM-Lux a service of RT-Log SA, was honoured with the "Prix Luxembourgeois de la Qualité 2009" at the Chambre des Métiers.
During 2009, 18 Companies were audited by experts of MLQ.
BPM-Lux offers excellent quality standards in Customer focus, Organization, , Management, Strategy, Human Resources, Products, Customer Service, Staff Training, Corporate values, Vision and Procedures.
BPM-Lux was selected as one of 3 winners in 2009.
BPM-Lux received the Award out of the hands of the Minister of Health, Mr. Mars di Bartolomeo.
BPM-Lux convinced specially through:
• Unique concept for local, regional, and worldwide customers.
• Strong pro-aktiv market position.
• Worldwide access to mail and parcels 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
• Staff recruiting combined with a 3 year apprenticeship.
• Optimization of buying power, costs and flexibility for Companies and end-consumers.
• Strong quality orientation of management and staff.
• A neutral, multicultural, last mile solution without borders.
For more information.: +352 269465 1 videos under www.nobodyhome.eu / www.bpm-lux.com a service of www.rt-log.com
BPM-Lux created in September 2005 as a service of RT-Log SA www.rt-log.com , offers neutral reception of mail and parcels, from all mail and express service providers, for their Luxembourg, worldwide, private and corporate customers. This is the forth award the company is honoured with.
BPM-Lux offers neutral reception of mail and parcels in Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, UK and USA, solving the last mile, ( not at home problem ), as well as cross-border-shopping delivery possibilities and costs, increasing the buying power for end-consumers, and companies, optimizing their stock management. BPM-Lux offers return management solutions for E-commerce shops in Europe and those worldwide, needing a base in continental Europe.