2009 Best Good Practice Award

Good Management Practices through the Crisis.

Third edition of The Good Practice Event.
On Tuesday 19 may 2009, during the third edition of The Good Practice Event, with the topic : " Good management practices through the crisis "
A unique frame of exchange and discussions, dedicated to enterprises.
The participating SME`s, could exchange and discover good organizational and innovative management practices.

Organized by the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor and the Chambre de Commerce - with the support by the Chambre des Métiers et de Luxinnovation - the good practice event has allowed the SME's, SME's consultants, and public institutions at the service of the SME`s, to network and share their good, if not heir
« best », practices. A total of 25 stands representing Luxembourg, Belgian and French companies, presented a diversified panel of practices exchanged also with numerous visitors of the Greater Region.

BPM-Lux, was honored at the end of this event, voted by a large majority of visitors, when called to elect the best good practice 2009.
BPM-Lux, was awarded with the first price by Mr. Jeannot Krecké, Minister of Economic Affairs and Foreign Trade.

In fact, BPM-Lux introduces an answer to the developing market, with their logistical products and service offer for the Luxembourg companies, taking into consideration the needs expressed by regional SME's, integrating in their proposed solutions, crossborder issues, affecting Luxembourg.

BPM-Lux created in September 2005 as a service of RT-Log SA www.rt-log.com , offers neutral reception of mail and parcels, from all mail and express service providers, for their Luxembourg, worldwide, private and corporate customers. Expats and frequent traveller can read their letters and documents online in real time, saving time and mail forwarding costs. This is the third award the company is honored with.
BPM-Lux offers neutral reception of mail and parcels in Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, UK and USA, solving the last mile, ( not at home problem ), as well as cross-border-shopping delivery possibilities and costs, increasing the buying power for end-consumers, and companies, optimizing their stock management.

BPM-Lux offers return management solutions for E-commerce shops in Europe and those worldwide, needing a base in continental Europe.