BPM is expanding to serve you even better

Willing to offer even more comfort to their customers, BPM and Cactus have united to set up a parcel distribution network, accessible 24/7. Thanks to BPM, no more stress of having to be home and available when parcels are delivered.

What are BPM Parcel-Stations?

BPM Parcel-Stations are 5 pick up points throughout the country that allow you to retrieve your mail at any time. 4 of them are situated at the C-Shoppi service stations of Bascharage, Howald, Mersch and Windhof, the fifth one being in the industrial zone of Munsbach. BPM accepts deliveries from all postal and courier services. You then retrieve them from your preferred BPM Parcel-Station.

How does it work?

Get hold of a BPM recharge card (5€ or 15€) on sale in Cactus supermarkets as well as C-Shoppis. Sign up on the new www.bpm.lu website and select your preferred BPM Parcel-Station. That’s it! You’re now free to shop online and have your orders delivered to your BPM address!

Cross-border shopping

Thanks to the BPM reception addresses, you can now shop on sites that do not ship to Luxembourg. You have always dreamt of buying goods only available in the US? Well, now you can, thanks to BPM!


Manu Konsbrück

Cactus Marketing

How did the collaboration between Cactus and BPM come to be?

After five years of existence, BPM, the “last mile specialist”, wanted to expand its distribution network from one to five parcel pickup points and by doing so move closer to its customers. Since their philosophy – proximity, flexibility, efficiency – is very similar to ours for our C-Shoppi line that is well spread-out throughout the country, it seemed obvious to work together.

Why should Cactus collaborate with BPM?

We are permanently asking ourselves how we can move forward, better serve our customers and provide more attractive services. It was with these goals and more flexibility in mind that we launched the C-Shoppi concept in 2008 with longer opening hours. Today, thanks to BPM, we are offering our clients total flexibility for picking up their parcels.

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