Private parcels arriving at work? Not good!

Private parcels arriving at work? Not good!

The solution for all.

A movie for a mid-week evening, a book for the weekend or simply taking advantage of the summer sale – more and more of us shop online.

It is easy, flexible and accessible. Every PC or smartphone turns itself into an online shop with unlimited choice. That’s how the modern world works. Modern? Only half way.

After all, ordered goods are, unless digital downloads, most of the time real objects that need to be delivered to their destination by traditional postal and courier services, during working hours. And here’s the clash:

As we are not home when the deliveries are to arrive, we prefer to have them shipped to our workplace. Private parcels arrive at the reception areas and mailrooms of our office buildings, costing space, further resources and disrupting company policies and workflow. The challenge for company facility managers and human resource teams is on the rise, and a solution is badly needed to offload internal pressure but at the same time offer an alternative solution to their employees that makes everyone’s life easier.

The IFMA, International Facility Management Association, is also concerned about the burden this growing tendency represents for its members. In order to address the point directly, BPM-Lux was invited a couple of weeks ago to present an efficient solution that will please all parties, no matter the company size or field.

The concept is simple: give employees the possibility to receive their orders where they want, when they want, but outside of working hours and the office building.

How can this be achieved?

Simple:Just as with any other employee advantage, like meal tickets or phone subscriptions, human resources offer their employees a monthly BPM-Lux subscription.

The employee is then free to choose his preferred BPM Parcel-Station (link to “BPM expands distribution network” article) locker delivery devices, distributed around Luxembourg, either close to home or his workplace.

BPM-Lux receives the shipments from all courier and postal services and places them in the BPM Parcel-Station the employee chose. He is free to pick up his delivery 24/7 after having been notified by email and SMS.

That’s it! Hard to make it any easier. Employees are happy, the headache for facility managers gone. This, IFMA agrees, is how an adapted world should work.