The successful BPM business case figures as a reference in the latest public relations campaign of BIL (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg)

The successful BPM business case figures as a reference in the latest public relations campaign of BIL (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg)

In their latest public relations campaign, BIL (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg) puts the spotlight on companies they have supported and advised over the past years, by presenting them in various articles.

BPM is grateful and very proud to have been selected for one of the business cases, which has already been released in several important national publications. You can read the full article below.

RT-Log S.A. - Munsbach

Behind the inconspicuous name hides the parent company of BPM, a success story born in Luxembourg which is witnessing worldwide expansion. BIL has successfully participated in helping BPM conquer the market, as the company is now present in 6 countries and the number of employees has grown from 15 to 50.

Creating a virtue out of a necessity

In 2004, when the logistics service provider of Auchan retired from continental Europe, RT-Log took over the outsourcing. After having set up the basic activity, managing director Robert Thiemann set objectives aiming for company growth by acquiring new clients in the logistics field. In his approach, he decided not to frontally attack his competitors by approaching their clients, but to instead attract new business to Luxembourg. This is how a new concept was born and implemented.

Understanding the signs of time

Under the BPM brand (short for: Boîte postale, Postfach, Mailbox) a new type of service conquered a niche market in the global economy. It turns out that it has never been easier to shop online worldwide, but at the same time people are less and less frequently at home to receive their purchases. Further more, a large number of retailers limit their activity to a few countries, most of the time excluding Luxembourg and its small market. It is exactly these limitations that BPM is exploiting and thus offers limitless possibilities to its clients.

Custom tailored services

Independently from the address at which a customer wishes to receive his goods, he can save on shipping costs by entering one of the 6 BPM addresses during check-out, in Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, the UK or the US. He has the possibility to save once again by combining different shipments into one. Since BPM works with all transport companies, the client is free to select the fastest and the cheapest provider. All the various possibilities can be managed from within his virtual mailbox. The service is not limited to the reception of parcels, but goes from the post-card to the entire pallet, from all postal and courier service companies.

Open Sesame

At the beginning, delivery was carried out via postal boxes installed at the BPM headquarters in Munsbach, where customers could pick-up their shipments 24/7. In 2011, the BPM Parcel-Stations opened up new possibilities for getting even closer to the client. Today, 18 BPM Parcel-Stations are installed throughout the country and the network continues to grow at regular intervals. On the website, customers can see which Parcel-Station is the most suitable for them. As soon as a shipment has arrived, the customer is notified by email and SMS.

Excellence, rewarded!

The experts are unanimous in their judgement of the BPM services, which lead to the company being rewarded with the «Industrial Innovation Prize» by Fedil, as well as the «Internet Business Trophy» by APSI in 2006. In 2009 BPM received the «Best Good Practice Award» by CRP-HT and the «Quality Award» by Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour la Qualité et l’Excellence. In 2011 the «Export Award» was given for the innovative BPM concept.

BPM – BIL, a relationship built on trust

«When we presented our idea to BIL in 2004, they were enthusiastic about it from the start,» shares Mr Thiemann, «they supported us right away, even though we were not even one of their clients yet at the time. It is obvious that such a fruitful start constituted a solid base for a long term relationship. »

«It is an undeniable privilege to support an innovative business concept and to follow the company conquer the market.» Chantal Conter

Chantal Conter advises small and middle sized corporations for BIL, and has been following RTLOG/BPM since the start, for over 10 years now.