In the e-commerce world, trust is everything

In the e-commerce world, trust is everything

Even though e-commerce is growing at a dazzling rate, the main concern for every potential buyer is trust.

Compared to online shopping, it is a very different feeling when physically entering a shop, where it is easy to judge if the goods on display are genuine, the payment methods secure, and being able to carry one’s purchases home without the fear of anything getting lost or damaged during transport.

As we know, this form of shopping has its limitations. The vast amount of goods available online at often very competitive prices now even attracts those who had their doubts about e-commerce in the past. There is no looking back.

But how to find shops and service providers one can trust, in this vast sea of online retailers?

To help consumers find trustworthy retailers, just as helping the retailers position their shops as trustworthy for the potential customer, several organizations have been founded that control, audit and supervise the e-commerce world.

One of the biggest and most respected such labels is TrustedShops, which has already certified thousands of online retailers to date.

BPM is very proud to have been mentioned as a trusted partner on the TrustedShops website, a further sign of the efforts and care we put in to bringing our customers the best possible service and secure mail management and payment methods.

Click here to read the TrustedShops article (available only in French).