BPM whenever, wherever, with our new mobile app!

BPM whenever, wherever, with our new mobile app!

What could possibly feel better than enjoying the freedom of travelling anywhere you want, yet feeling right at home at all times? With our innovative services for managing mail and parcels we at BPM help people come closer to this dream by the day.

The thing is, modern handsets and multimedia-tablets are now slowly but surely replacing our beloved desktop PC's. These little all-in-one technological wonders help us fulfill many of our daily duties.

Flexibility and mobility being key at BPM, we are striving to support the latest evolution and in making the user experience even more enjoyable.

So, whether you're sitting outside the chipvan in Bockholzermillen or Timbuktu: BPM should accompany you at all times!

With our new BPM mobile Web-App you can:
- log into your Virtual Mailbox
- follow the status of your shipments
- forward these to any worldwide destination
- declare the value of the contents
- browse your address-book

Visit our site using your mobile phone at http://m.bpm-lux.com. You will asked if you wish to use the new BPM Web-App.
Give it a spin! It works on almost all Smartphones, right in your browser! No additional installation required.
Easy, handy and flexible. Just like BPM!

BPM Mobile App